Pigeon District Library

Laker Elementary School Accelerated Reader List

NOTE: We are currently working to update the Beginner and Older Children sections to be labeled with the level as well as points according to www.arbookfind.com. Please be patient as we work through these. In the meantime, feel free to use the above website as a reference as to which books are considered to be AR as well as which levels they are considered.

The Accelerated Reader list from the Laker Elementary School website has been copied and put into a spreadsheet file. To view it, click on the button below. After the download finishes, choose the option 'Open,' and allow a few seconds for it to load.

When the spreadsheet appears, the default setting has sorted the list alphabetically by title.
However, the list can also be sorted by author name, book level, or point level. To do this, scroll to row four and click on the drop down arrow in the cell of your desired sorting option. A final special sorting option is also available, located in column F of the spreadsheet by the name 'EL/PL.' When the spreadsheet appears, all of the titles on the Laker Elementary list are displayed. Titles which can be found in the Pigeon District Library collection are displayed in dark blue.

If you find a book on the list that you wish to read that is not in our collection, it may be possible to order the book for you through ILL (InterLibraryLoan). If you have any further questions, feel free to call us at the library and we will be happy to assist you. Happy reading!