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Just For Kids Access Videos

The Just for Kids Collection has over 8,000 videos, songs, audio titles, and interactive. The collection includes fun and informative video and audio titles on topics including music and arts, animals, sports and hobbies, math and science, hisdtory, reading, and much more-plus interactive educational games.

Some of the producers for the videos are Bellum Entertainment, Jim Henson Company, PBS, Rabbit Ears Entertainment, Reading Rainbow, Sesame Street, and Weston Woods.

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Access Videos on Demand

Provides easy access and meaningful video content for all patrons. Videos for students, seniors, children, parents, travelers, cooks, history buffs, animal lovers, DIYers, job seekers, entrepreneurs, science enthusiasts, dance, music, and theater lovers, artist, homeschoolers, and learners of all ages.

Some of the producers for the videos are A&E Networks, BBC Learning, CNBC, Green Planet Films, History Education, Ken Burns Collection, National Geographic,  Nova, and PBS.

Unlimited simultaneous access to more than 40,000 full-length videos, on-site and off.

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