Display Policy

1.        The Pigeon District Library reserves the enclosed display cases for Library use only. 

2.        The Pigeon District Library makes available limited, "designated display areas" (bulletin boards near the library's entrances and the literature racks and table in the Information Center) in the library for organizations engaged in charitable, cultural, educational, governmental, and intellectual activities that are primarily of a non-commercial and non-profit nature.  The designated display areas may be used for non-commercial and non-profit materials and notices of charitable, cultural, educational, governmental, and intellectual interest in the community, subject to other limitations set forth in this Policy below. 

3.        Due to limited space, items directly concerned with the Library will always take precedence in the designated display areas.

4.        Due to limited space, the designated display areas are not available for commercial, family, personal, or purely social use.

5.        In the designated display areas, space will be available to groups regardless of the beliefs and affiliations of an organization or their individual members or the content of an item so long as the item complies with this Policy.

6.        There is no fee or charge to display items in designated display areas.

7.        Before being displayed in the designated display areas, all items must be approved by the Library Director or the Director's designated representative using the criteria above. If an item is denied for display, the organization may appeal such decision within five (5) business days to the Library Board.  Items posted without approval will be removed and disposed of as deemed appropriate by the Library Director or the Director's designated representative. 

8.        Items may be refused for display in the designated display areas based on size and available space.  Due to limited space, all eligible items may not be displayed immediately and some not at all. 

9.        Items will be removed from the designated display areas as outlined below:

- Items that become dated will be removed upon expiration date and disposed of as deemed appropriate. 

- All other items may be removed after one week to maintain the availability of the display area.

- Items directly concerned with the library will be displayed as long as appropriate.

10.        Display of items does not constitute library endorsement of the organizations that post in the designated display areas or the viewpoints of such organizations posted in the designated display areas or otherwise. 

11.        The library does not assume any responsibility or liability for items submitted for display.

12.        All display materials must comply with all local, state, and federal laws, rules, regulations and ordinances.