Residents and property owners in the townships of Chandler, McKinley, Winsor, Caseville, Fairhaven, and Oliver, who are three years of age or older, are eligible to register for free library cards.  Children under 18 years of age must have the application signed by a parent or legal guardian.
1.        No materials may be checked out without a valid library card or photo ID.
2.        Each borrower is financially responsible for loss or damage to materials checked out on the card.  Parents are responsible for all materials checked out on their child's card.
3.        A $1.00 fee will be charged for the replacement of a lost or stolen card.
4.        Borrowed materials must be returned within the proper loan period to avoid late fees.  Some materials may be renewed.
5.        Borrowing privileges may be suspended or revoked for violation of existing rules and regulations.
Anyone who does not live or own property in any of the above mentioned townships may purchase a library card for a fee of $40 per person per year, or $15 per person per 3-month period.

Limited use cards will be issued to students who live outside the library service area but attend a school (through Grade 12) that is located in  Chandler, Fairhaven, Lake, McKinley, Oliver, or Winsor Township.  (Proof of pupil status is required.)


Books by Mail is a free service of the Pigeon District Library to the residents of Caseville, Chandler, Fairhaven, McKinley, Oliver, and Winsor Townships. 

Our library serves a large, rural area where many residents, who because of age, physical limitations, or transportation requirements, may not have access to our library.  Our Books by Mail program can provide those individuals with equal access to the wealth of materials housed in our library.

Books (except non-circulating reference books) and audio books which are owned by the Pigeon District Library can be checked out through the Books by Mail program. These will be mailed directly to the homes of patrons who live in the townships of Caseville, Chandler, McKinley, Oliver and Winsor.  Library materials will be mailed in a re-usable, self-sealing mailing bag. A return mailing label, along with a postage-paid label, will be included to facilitate easy return of the materials to the library. Anyone who is interested in this service should call the Pigeon District Library at 989-453-2341 and request that a Books by Mail brochure be mailed to him/her.  


The Pigeon District Library offers both wired and wireless Internet access to patrons and visitors free-of-charge.

Patrons and visitors who wish to use the Internet must sign in at the Circulation Desk and fill out an Internet Policy form, if one is not already on file. There is no usage fee, but there is a time limit of 2 hours if someone is waiting for a computer. Personal software must be scanned for viruses prior to use. Copies are 10 cents/side for black & white, and 50 cents/side for color copies. Print jobs will be released by staff from the circulation desk.

A computer lab with four computers is available for adults. Cell phone use and video streaming are restricted in the computer lab. Minors, who have a signed Internet Access Policy on file, are restricted to two other computers with Internet filtering. Patrons and visitors who bring in their wireless enabled laptop computer or other portable device may access the Internet in the Computer Lab, Reference Room, or main circulation area of the library.


Black and white copies can be made in the following sizes:
8.5 inches by 11 inches - 10 cents per side
8.5 inches by 14 inches - 10 cents per side
11 inches by 17 inches  - 25 cents per side

Color copies are also available in the following sizes:
8.5 inches by 11 inches - 50 cents per side
8.5 inches by 14 inches - 75 cents per side
11 inches by 17 inches  - $1.00 per side


Faxes may be sent from and received at the library. The following prices apply:
        Cover sheet - No charge when it contains nothing other than contact information.
        Each page - $1.00
When sending a fax, be sure to take the Fax Transmission Receipt with you when you are finished.


Pigeon District Library cardholders, who are in good standing, may request interlibrary loan items from other libraries. There is no fee for interlibrary loan items requested through ValCat (our on-line catalog) or through MeLCat (the statewide catalog). A shipping/handling fee may be charged for interlibrary loan items that need to be requested through OCLC FirstSearch from libraries outside of Michigan. Additional fees that may be charged by the lending library will be passed on to the borrower. A late fee will be charged for any interlibrary loan item that is returned past the due date. A replacement fee will be assessed for any interlibrary loan item that is lost, damaged, or not returned.


Prices for laminating pages are as follows:
5 inches by 7 inches - $0.50
8.5 inches by 11 inches - $1.00
8.5 inches by 14 inches - $1.40
11 inches by 17 inches - $1.75

Lamination of 5 items or fewer will be done while you wait, if staff is available. Lamination of 6 or more items will be done as staff has time during the day. Staff will call you when your items are ready to be picked up.


Reserves may be placed on most items in the library catalog. Patrons may place their own reserves using the library catalogs (VLC or MeLCat), or by asking a staff member for assistance. Reserves will be held at the Circulation Desk for 7 days.    


-STAR - Special Technologies Alternative Resources provides, at no cost, talking books and large print books.

-Aladdin Color Magnifier - Provided by STAR, is located in the reference room for the public to use.  It can be used to view pictures, maps, books, and other print material. Please ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk.


The Joann Haist Collection contains information from obituaries which appeared in the Pigeon Progress, the Progress-Advance, and the Newsweekly from September 1897 through December 1980, along with some obituary information from 1981 to 2002.

Our  file of Huron County obituaries includes those obituaries which have recently appeared in the local newspapers or on the websites of local funeral homes and obituaries which have been scanned. Our goal is to continue adding the scanned obituaries as we have personnel and time to work on this project.

In 2009 and 2010, and 2011, the Pigeon District Library received funds from the Greater Huron County United Way towards this project.
Please contact us if you would like a copy of an obituary listing.


A number of newspaper publications are available on microfilm!

Please see the Newspapers on Microfilm Page for a complete listing of available newspapers.

Microfilm reels are stored in a locked cabinet in the Reference Room.  One reel of microfilm may be removed at a time from the cabinet by a Pigeon District Library staff member.  To view a reel of microfilm, place a request at the Circulation Counter. You will be  required to leave your driver's license with a library staff member who will remove the requested reel of microfilm from the cabinet.  When the reel of microfilm is returned to the Circulation Counter, the driver's license will be returned.  Microfilm can be viewed on the Microfilm Scan Pro in the Reference Room.  Newspaper pages that are being viewed on the screen can be edited (cropped, enhanced) before they are printed or e-mailed.